2 Day's of the Best in Local Music

The Whacademy organizes and puts on the show every year.  Made up of a collection of local community members and music appreciators, the Whacademy is proud to shine a spotlight on local talent and help expose our unique local musical community to our city.

The Whammys are a local independent awards ceremony held in Vancouver BC.  This will be our second awards ceremony, held in Feb. 2017 recognizing all of 2016.  They are an opportunity for artistic communities to recognize their “best and brightest” in a tongue in cheek, non-elitist way.

We understand that art is subjective and there is realistically no way to say that one band or musician is “better” than any other one – but this is an opportunity to recognize (and be recognized!) for the thousands of hours of practice  the unpaid gigs, the stolen gear and the tour vehicle breakdowns and break ins.

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SAAM offers an outlet for curating talent, education, community give-back and career development. By bridging the gaps between private and public groups, we design specialized creative hubs that help service the needs of our local arts & music communities